I’m a homo sapiens living in the Bay Area from a farm in North Carolina who loves a useless sentence in large font.

Chief of Staff @ Floodgate Duke alum / Former McKinsey / Former LinkedIn

Forever obsessed with good design, human behavior, and well formed arguments. I learned to read playing video games and have a bias towards walk-and-talks, even if I’m by myself.

Since 1992: Started out in High Point, NC playing a lot of Final Fantasy in between breaking and repairing my family’s computers. Moved to Durham for school and started a compsci education program for underserved middle schools while studying math and statistics. Also took a lot of language classes. After a minor and unoriginal existential crisis, I signed up for a couple years of consulting to try on a bunch of hats, and McKinsey taught me a ton (Learned I’m neither insecure nor an overachiever). Moved to SF to work at LinkedIn, learned what normal working adults looked like, and showed up late to the health and wellness party. Now, I’m at Floodgate, a seed-stage VC fund, driving strategic initiatives and hunting thunder lizards before they hatch. Along the way, I’ve met more amazing people than I deserve and even get to call a couple of them my friends and family. I try to remind myself how lucky I’ve been, especially given where I’m from. I’m hoping this site will help me remember.

Random: Sing a lot and very loudly. Worship Amy Sherman-Palladino. Speedrun Super Mario 64. Main Lucas in SSBU. Recurring nightmare of old people breaking into my childhood home; if you have advice, please reach out asap.

-Poke around for a bit. Ask me a question. Stop reading this page.-