Melfina - Data Strategy for the Rest of Us

A few years back, I started Melfina, a consultancy dedicated to helping small businesses in small towns keep up with the latest and greatest strategies and tools to help them “run their businesses harder, better, faster, stronger.” (I was a big Daft Punk fan at the time)

If there’s one thing I learned during my time at McKinsey, it’s to always put the client at the center of the work. We won’t take on a project if we can’t promise to make your life easier when we’re done. Once we feel we’ve asked enough questions, and you feel we’re all speaking the same language, the real fun begins. We’ll start narrowing down the key pain points that suck up too much of your time + money and take a peak under the hood of your existing systems to see how things are looking.

From there, things start to get pretty specific to each client. We execute on what we see in the data, so if there’s not much high-quality data, the first project might focus on data capture and hygiene. Other times, data might not be the problem; it might be generating high-value insights and regularly reporting on them. There may be times when we can fully automate processes for your business, but rest assured, we are not here to replace jobs.

Every project is a little different, so here a few examples of what we’ve worked on in the past:

  • Created order management dashboards for a gasoline pump manufacturer to reduce pricing and shipping errors

  • Optimized ingredient sourcing and menu ROI for a restaurant using predictive analytics

  • Built a trend forecaster for a furniture designer, using Tensorflow to drive “staple” offerings in seasonal collections

If you think we could be helpful somehow, don’t be afraid to reach out!

Email: hi@iamjaykennedy.com

Twitter: jameswkennedy